Who is Native Rose Designs?


Native Rose Designs is created and ran by Misty, she has a huge passion for digital design and crafting. She was the co-owner of a similar small business with a dear friend of hers but, sadly that business had to close their doors to soon. Misty truly missed the design work so she decided to create a company that mostly revolves around the designs that she desperately missed. 

      The name Native Rose Designs is special to her because she is 1/4 Native American from the Navajo tribe. Which she inherited from her grandmother Rose. It just so happens Misty's birth flower is also a Rose. Her grandmother and her were very close, she was heartbroken when she passed away after battling cancer. So to honor her grandmother she wanted to name her business after her. 

    Misty is also a mother. She has 4 biological children and 3 surrogate children all ranging from toddler to teen. She was previously a CNA2 at her local hospital until things in her life changed forcing her to stay home to take care of her special needs child. So When you support this business you are supporting Misty by helping her take care of her children and she can not thank you enough!